Master Magnetics Strong Magnet with Ergonomic Handle – 100 lb Pull Force, Red, 07501


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Master Magnetics Strong Magnet with Ergonomic Handle – 100 lb Pull Force, Red, 07501 Did you know that the whole earth is like a giant magnet? Liquid metals found in the deep core of the earth create convection currents that create magnetic forces found all over the earth?s surface. Here at Master Magnetics, we specialize specifically in magnets and the different ways that magnets can be used to improve different aspects of life. Master Magnetics was founded in 1976 and is currently located in Castle Rock, Colorado. We manufacture and distribute magnetic products for commercial, industrial, and consumer use. We also have two exclusive distribution facilities located in California and Florida and another regional production and distribution facility located in Ohio. Our local production and distribution facilities allow us to create and ship magnetic products in a short amount of time and for a low price. The Master Magnetics Powerful Handle Magnet is the tool that is most ideal for lifting heavy metal objects that weigh up to one hundred pounds like sheets of metal, beams, shelving, or doors. It can also be used to more easily move heavy objects like refrigerators. The magnet is made with rubber ergonomic handlebar grips, which makes it more comfortable to work with. The plastic body makes the magnet lightweight and perfect for transporting it from project to project. The whole magnet only weighs one and a quarter pounds. It is four and a half inches long, one inch wide, and one and three-eighths inches high. Included with the magnet are two Magnetic Shields that block the magnetic force when the magnet is not being used. Because of the magnet?s size and the Magnetic Shields, this magnet is excellent for fitting into tool boxes or tool benches of all shapes and sizes. The Master Magnetics Powerful Handle Magnet is the best option for you if you need a transportable, handheld magnet that is full of power! 100 LBS PULL: This powerful handheld magnet really packs a punch. It can pull up to 100 pounds of metal. Beams, doors, sheet metal, or shelving can be picked up or pulled with this magnetic lifting tool. Remember that any paint or other coverings on metallic surfaces will decrease the amount of weight that this magnet can pull. | COMPACT-SIZED FLAT MAGNET: This hand magnet might be small, but the design does not affect the powerful force of this handle magnet. The smaller size allows for the strong magnet to be easily stored in a tool box or tool bench. Relative to its size, this heavy-duty magnet can pull and lift a large amount of other items. | MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The Powerful Handle Magnet is ideal for lifting heavy metal objects. Using this magnet makes lifting sheets of metal easier. The magnet works fantastically to pull out nails from many surfaces. It can also make clean up time more efficient. Just run it over an area full of waste and ferrous metal to separate the materials and pick up the ferrous metal quickly. | COMFORTABLE DESIGN: The red, plastic body and ergonomic handlebar grips made of rubber make using this particular magnet easy and comfortable for any project. The magnet also includes 2 Magnetic Shields to block the attracting force when you?re not using it so it doesn?t attract other tools or metals. | Note: Packaging may vary

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